This module will establish common sense and definitions regarding artistic expression, threats, persecution and artistic creation through the exchange of perspectives and experiences of the participants. Artistic freedom as a human right, will be discussed and examined in the context of international law such as in the UN and UNESCO.
This module will focus on the definition and understanding of threats and censorship by examining case studies. Examples from different world regions and artistic fields will be analysed and discussed in detail.
This module will focus, among other topics, on ‘How to report on freedom of expression and artistic freedom?’. The participants of the ARJ ACADEMY will enhance their knowledge about communication and campaigning strategies and concepts.
Funding and networking strategies in the international field of freedom of artistic expression and human rights will be discussed. Some key institutions and networks will be presented.
‘Working with Artists’ is at the heart of the ARJ ACADEMY. Depending on the interests and learning expectations of participants, specific topics will be elaborated. These topics include: protection and promotion needs, mechanisms to ensure artistic freedom within regional contexts, artist residency examples, the art of hospitality, relocation, visas and immigration, freedom of mobility, specific regional issues, legal reform or enforcement, non-public advocacy and relations with the audience.