The ARJ PROGRAM includes …

  • An annual ARJ ACADEMY
  • An annual ARJ FORUM
What is the Arts Rights Justice Program?
It is important that artistic creation and the role of artists are considered alongside human rights and freedoms in society. To this end, the Arts Rights Justice Program seeks to convey and professionalize skills, ensure the exchange of knowledge, make the most of multiplier effects and build expertise on the subject. Therefore, the aim is to strengthen and expand structures for the promotion and protection of artistic freedom.
The program was developed in cooperation with 30 international expert institutions. It encompasses an annual academy at Hildesheim Kulturcampus, Germany, accompanied by a public forum in Berlin; a series of satellite workshops (ARJ Laboratories) in partner regions; and an open access online library.


The ARJ ACADEMY & ARJ FORUM are mainly focussing on:

  • Fundamentals of freedom of expression within human rights
  • Understanding freedom and threat: censorship and policy structures
  • Advocacy & campaigning
  • Cultural policy & arts management
  • Working with artists: needs, protection, visas, relocation
  • Funding & networking: building worldwide networks in relation to freedom of expression and artistic freedom